For Communities

Now more than ever, nonprofits organizations and agencies are working to preserve communities and mend the gaping holes in America’s social safety net. The need is overwhelming, and your resources–especially your staff–are no doubt stretched beyond the breaking point.

We understand that organizations like yours face challenges in both recruiting and affording skilled talent for certain key positions. You want to attract individuals with deep experience, but often find it hard to compete with private sector benefits and compensation. You also may prefer not to invest in traditional recruiting firms.

LifeWork is a nonprofit that offers executive search and outplacement services for free to nonprofit organizations and agencies. We collaborate with you to identify open positions, recruit talented, purpose-minded individuals who are leaving the corporate environment, and help prepare them for the transition to the nonprofit sector.

Your organization can benefit from people with the skills, leadership and extensive networks nurtured over years of corporate experience. Professionals connected with us are a special breed—eager, enthusiastic and ready to help mission-driven organizations broaden their reach and deepen their impact in the community.

LifeWork for companies

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